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Contact Colorado Drug Rehab, helps you make decisions on a drug rehab treatment center as well as helping your get the best alcohol and drug assessments and evaluations. We are Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors that have reviewed over 150 rehab centers, on site, and performed more than 500 alcohol and drug assessments and evaluations, and can share our experiences and help you find the best program or get a fair and honest alcohol or drug assessment to help you with legal issues or help you find what level of treatment or rehab is most appropriate!

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This site is written by a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor with 40 years of experience in the alcohol

and drug field. He has reviewed over 150 alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers. The purpose of this

website is to educate the reader on the most effective types of alcohol and drug rehab centers

available, explain why they are effective, and to give you information on the many drugs of abuse in

Colorado. Our 40 years of experience in this field allow you an apportunity to talk to educated,

Licensed and experienced counselors.



OUR MISSION: To help everyone that is suffering from alcohol or drug abuse or


addiction and their loved ones to find solutions, using our education, experience and


dedication to help in all areas of addiction from prevention to treatment to aftercare.



OUR PLEDGE: To help you find reliable solutions to your addiction problems.

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When you call our help line, you will talk to someone who is a Licensed Alcohol and


Drug Counselor with over 40 years experience in the field of drug rehab and who


knows all the modalities of drug treatment centers. We will help you find what types


of programs fit you the best. Our counselors have both personal and professional


experience We have personally surveyed over 150 drug and alcohol treatment centers


including Colorado drug rehab centers and was the director of three long term drug


rehabilitation residential centers. Our director is now retired, but he has not lost his mission


to find help for those that are ready to confront and end their addictions.

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Take the time to call or write to US. We have the FACTS.....and We CARE! Have you been to

alcohol and drug rehab(s) and you are still suffering... Were you told that addiction is a lifelong

disease? Colorado Drug Rehab will show you the TRUTH!


Alcohol and Drug Rehab - Alcohol and Drug Treatment


Have You Been Told "Once an Addict, Always an Addict"? In our professional opinion, that is


False Data and keeps many imprisoned their entire lives. There are alcohol and drug rehab


programs that can help you completely overcome your addiction and stop carrying the label



To get that product, it takes the right or most appropriate form of treatment and finding the most

effective drug rehab centers within that model. Some of these centers are in Colorado but there


are also very effective drug rehab centers outside the state.

This site is written as a public service from the experience of a retired leader in the

treatment field that also had a family member that was addicted to alcohol and drugs

and needed good drug rehabilitation. In the failed attempts to find effective

treatment, I came to realize that there are very few rehab programs that are effective

and you cannot depend on their promises and published outcomes.   


The RIGHT Drug Rehab Center will create fundamental changes in a person and give them the

ability to handle adversity and conflict without having cravings or resorting to substance abuse

or pharmaceutical drugs (psychiatric medications). These rehab centers teach a person to live

their lives in an analytical and rational manner, without becoming overly involved emotionally

and without getting caved-in by one's mistakes.


It is more than just teaching a person how to operate in life successfully, a good drug rehab

center will help them find the underlying reasons why they have irrational feelings and emotions

that cause them to be defeated in spite of your best efforts and intentions. If you continue to have

these unwanted emotional responses in life, the only way that you can feel better is to be

numbed by alcohol or other drugs.    If you don't get the underlying problems handled, you will

feel that you have a chronic disease or addiction.


Over 90% of the treatment programs believe that addiction is a chronic and progressive disease.

  All curable problems were believed to be chronic and progressive at one time and then an

answer or cure was found.  This concept of addiction being a chronic and progressive disease is

responsible for making so many alcoholics and other addicted persons give in to their cravings,

feel hopelessly discouraged and have endless excuses for their relapses. They are told by most

drug rehab centers that relapse is part of the "disease" and it is easy for them to believe that they

are one of the misfortune people that has this "disease"

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It is time for the alcohol and drug rehab field to evolve and
take responsibility for its failures and to not just assign their
losses to: “It's all part of the Disease...”, or using the
excuse that: “He hasn’t yet hit 'bottom' hard enough”...


Addicts are most likely not insane and only an insane person would continue to destroy themselves for a few hours of

escape, followed by withdrawals, hang-overs and regrets.  Most of the alcohol and drug treatment field believes in

profits over people and has perpetuated a moral crime against those who need help by offering programs that are

knowingly getting less than 10% success and, knowing that, they use multiple excuses rather than change.


If this is your first attempt at recovery or maybe you have been carrying many losses with you to this point, we assure

you that we will give you answers that will make positive changes in your life and end your addiction.  Whether you go to

one of our recommended centers or use some of our courses, books or supplements, you will see outcomes that

make our services incredibly valuable. It is important that you get the truth about addiction and get rid of t he false

information that has been taught to so many.  

Thanks for reading this far.


People want quick sound-bytes making It hard to get anyone to read this website, but since


you must have gotten this far, I promise you that you will find the TRUTH about addiction in


this site and find real solutions. KEEP READING!



Here are some of the major actions you can take:


There are two things that you can do immediately that will make positive changes


without much expense?

1. We have many drug rehab centers that operate under the idea that addiction is curable and they have the outcomes to prove that philosophy is accurate.

2. We offer correspondence courses that teach you the TRUTH about addiction and help you with your issues or teach you how to help someone else.  These course have been evaluated over time and have proven to be effective… Call  us to learn more.

3.  It is obvious that alcoholism and drug addiction deplete the brain of its neuro-chemicals,


which leaves the person depress and/or anxious, and keeps them from having the ability to


control their thoughts and actions, and that leads to relapses and emotional ups and downs. 


Curing addiction is not a quick process and even though these solutions have helped many to be stronger and happier, we are not saying that anything other than a thorough, long-term, alcohol and drug rehab center can completely solve the problem. We have over 40 years of experience in finding solutions for all types of addiction. Every person's addiction is somewhat unique to their own lives and only a thorough investigation with correct solutions can handle all of the elements that make up one's addictive lives.



Help is available 24 hours a day

This is the only Colorado Drug Rehab site that is written and governed by Licensed

and Certified Counselors with Professional Degrees and Master's or above Academic


Take the time, NOW, to call our counselors and confront your addiction.

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Our Master's Degreed, and above, level staff have reviewed over 150 alcohol and drug rehab and

treatment programs...we know the drug rehab programs that work and the drug rehab centers

you should avoid! 150+ alcohol and drug rehab and treatment programs have been reviewed with

a minimum two-day site visit. Our Director is a Senior Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor and

Supervisor..ask for Mac.


When you call our help-line, you will talk to a professional that has been a certified and/or licensed

counselor for over 35 years. In that time he was a director or three residential alcohol and drug rehab

programs and a State Director of Substance Abuse services. He has been a faculty member at the

medical school in Colorado, but most importantly, he had addiction in his family and through his

experiences with four different drug rehabs, he found out the TRUTH about drug rehab in America. His

research includes the on-site review of over 150 alcohol and drug treatment centers, as well as

performing outcome studies to document the effectiveness of a center's work.


He will tell you that there isn't a more competitive and unethical area of medical services in our society

than the alcohol and drug rehab field. Addicts have very little political power and for that reason and

others, this is a field that hasn't gotten the outside scrutiny that most medical services receive and

therefore, many programs operate on myths about addiction that keep rehab centers making huge

profits but not rehabilitating and saving lives.


According to Pamela White from the Colorado Springs Independent, issued October 27, 2012,

in the United States, "Colorado ranks first per capita in marijuana use, second in severity of

substance abuse problems and 49th on money being spent on alcohol and drug

rehabilitation programs. Colorado is one of only nine states where over half of those in

prison for drug charges are there for possession and Colorado is one of only three states

that refuses to allow Medicaid funds to be used for drug treatment."


The only way that we are going to have a civil society that is free of drug-related crime is to

demand change. Presently, Colorado is the Bottom-of-the-Bottom when it comes to services

for substance abuse. We are ashamed and it is costing us, in many ways, dearly every day.

Learn from our 40 years in this field by reading this site and contact us if you want to make a



The pages within this website have information on every aspect of addiction. There are

pages about every drug of abuse and others that address the different types of drug rehab

available in Colorado and surrounding areas. Most of our messages on this homepage are

directed at having the reader call to talk to our counselors. We do this because most people

that are addicted to alcohol and other drugs do not have the patients to read through these

pages. It is our desire to help everyone that needs services, so feel free to call and let your

licensed counselors examine your alcohol or drug case, or that of a loved one, and lead you

to viable resources that will solve your addiction problem.


Below are some of the most common drugs of abuse.


Each topic is expanded through its links.

Marijuana use and abuse among all age groups in Colorado ranks in the highest percentiles of any state. Marijuana is readily available in multi-pound quantities throughout Colorado. The highly potent form of marijuana known as "BC Bud" is also easily obtainable, although significantly more expensive. BC Bud is smuggled into Colorado from British Columbia, Canada, to Washington and Oregon. The sale of this potent and expensive form of Marijuana speaks to the affluence of the youth in Colorado as much as it is an indicator of lax enforcement of possession laws and a poorly developed drug prevention strategy in Colorado. There are many that believe that marijuana use is not a problem and justify it by comparing it to alcohol use. There is some room for comparison, but the effects of long-term marijuana use can cause lethargy and slowing of mental acuity. Find out more about marijuana at: or this government sponsored site:

We have added a new page looking at the state of Colorado's influence on other states as of March 02, 2015. Find it at this page: The Consequences of Legalized Marijuana

On June 1, 2001, Colorado passed legislation that allows for the use and possession of small amounts of marijuana for sick and dying patients. This has led Colorado to be one of the leading states in the development and sale of medical marijuana. All but a very few counties in Colorado have dispensaries selling medical marijuana. Parents in Colorado report that their minor children are defending their use of marijuana by claiming that they need it as medication.

The Denver Post reports on 06/04/09: "Coloradans say they are doing less hard drinking than they did in the past few years but say they are more likely to smoke pot", according to a two-year federal assessment to be released today.

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health found Colorado was the only state to log a decrease in those who think they are at risk to binge- drink since the last study completed in 2006, from 29.8 percent in the previous study to 25.8 percent in the most recent.

Meanwhile, Colorado is one of seven states that noted "significant" increases in teens and adults who say they are more likely to smoke pot at least once a month than those who participated in the last government survey.

Cocaine is a significant drug threat to Colorado. Powdered cocaine is readily available throughout Colorado, and crack cocaine is available in urban population centers, like Denver and Colorado Springs in particular. Mexican criminal groups transport wholesale quantities of powdered cocaine into Colorado in private or rental vehicles and distribute the drug at the wholesale level. Retail distributors in Colorado typically convert powdered cocaine into crack on an as-needed basis and sell the drug at open-air markets or from crack houses. The I-70 corridor that transects Colorado from Kansas to Utah, is one of the main drug trafficking thoroughfares transporting cocaine from Mexico up to Colorado and then to the East Coast and West Coast.

The percentage of Colorado residents who report having abused cocaine in the past year is higher than the percentage nationwide. According to the 1999 and 2000 NHSDA, 2.5 percent of Colorado residents age 12 and over reported having abused cocaine in the year prior to the survey compared with 1.6 percent nationwide. Find more specific cocaine information at: or at this government sponsored site:

Methamphetamine, or Crystal Meth, poses the most serious drug abuse problem in the West Central Region of the US, which includes Colorado, largely because of high addiction rates and the abundance of low-cost ice methamphetamine supplied by Mexican traffickers. According to treatment data, amphetamine-related admissions (including those for methamphetamine) to publicly funded treatment facilities in the West Central Region increased significantly in recent years, which includes Colorado.

Methamphetamine is a primary drug threat to Colorado. Crystal methamphetamine, also known as glass in Colorado, is becoming increasingly available throughout the State and has tested as high as 90% pure. Purity levels for methamphetamine vary in Colorado. s

Colorado Drug Rehab has more comprehensive information about the drugs listed above on other pages of this website that are dedicated to the specific drugs. The Crystal Meth site, has been valuable to many "Ice" users because of its comprehensive overview and the inclusion of solutions to the crystal meth problem, such as hyperbaric medicine to heal the damage to the brain tissue.

Heroin - The most common types of heroin available in Colorado are Mexican black tar heroin and brown powdered heroin. New heroin users in Colorado are often young adults who smoke or snort the drug rather than inject it. This is due to a misconception that this practice is safer and less likely to lead to physical addiction. Cheese heroin (a black tar heroin/diphenhydramine mixture) has been widely developed in the Dallas, Texas area, with 22 deaths in Dallas County since 2005. There are no current reports of widespread cheese heroin abuse outside the Dallas area; however, in March the Boulder County, Colorado, Drug Task Force reported that novice heroin abusers were crushing over-the-counter pain relief tablets containing acetaminophen and diphenhydramine, mixing them into black tar heroin, and snorting the mixture. Find more thorough information at: or at this government sponsored site:

Club Drugs, which are mostly synthetic substances, are increasing in availability and use in Colorado. LSD, in liquid form, is readily available in the metropolitan areas of Colorado. During 2001, 34% of those surveyed in Colorado reported lifetime usage of MDMA (the date-rape drug). 4.5% of those surveyed reported usage of MDMA within the past 30 days. The average user age was 17.3, and the average age of first time use was 15.9 years. Gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB), Rohypnol, ketamine, as well as MDMA (ecstasy) and even methamphetamine are drugs that are categorized as Club Drugs. Find extensive information at this government site:

Prescription Drugs - The diversion and abuse of OxyContin (oxycodone) is a significant problem in Colorado. Hydrocodone (Vicodin) and Darvocet are the most commonly abused controlled substances in Colorado. OxyContin is readily available on the streets of most cities in Colorado as well as an epidemic of over-prescribing by physicians. Xanax is very addictive and is another drug of abuse from doctors and on the streets of Colorado. You can read more about the dangers of Xanax at: Find thorough data about prescription drug abuse at this government site:

Interventions. We get many calls from frustrated parents that know that they have a loved one with an addiction problem, but they feel that there is nothing that they can do to get him/her into drug rehab. We understand this problem better than most. We have done interventions for many years and, even though we have outgrown the ability to relate well to young drug addicts, we still provide these services for those over 40. To learn more about interventions, go to this LINK.