Colorado Drug Rehab...Brief Intensive Therapy (BIT) for Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Colorado

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This page will give you information on an alternative to Residential Treatment:

Three-day Intensive Therapy

Colorado Drug Rehab provides a three-day intense, one-on-one alcohol and drug therapy in Colorado for qualified students. This service is for individuals that are not using daily, but are witnessing changes in their alcohol and drug use that is worrisome, causing problems and needs professional intervention. Some examples of the typical students that have found this Brief Intense Therapy useful are persons that have had one or two DUI's in Colorado or other legal actions that cause loved ones to worry that one's drug use is getting worse in time. University students are the most common applicants, where parents are getting reports of misconduct which include alcohol and other drugs. Someone that is receiving warnings at their workplace about performance problems and/or failing alcohol and drug test and persons that have graduated from residential drug treatment in Colorado or elsewhere and need new perspectives, ideas and aftercare activities to embolden their resolve regarding alcohol and other drug use and establish stronger and more meaningful activities to continue their success in staying clean.

This is NOT an alternative for the seriously addicted person, but is designed for those persons that are not heeding warnings from parents or spouses and are blindly creating problems related to alcohol and other drugs. Even those who may need to have mild detox from alcohol or other drugs can take advantage of this level of service. BIT is provided to ensure that there are ample avenues of care for anyone that is needing and wanting help. For those that are needing long-term residential care, the Brief Intensive Therapy can be seen as an "intervention" to help ciliate barriers that keep addicted persons from enlisting in treatment.

These referrals usually come from parents or spouses that worry about their loved one's alcohol and/or drug use and have enough control over the user to get them to spend three days in intense treatment. Persons that cannot take the needed time from their employment to attend a 30-day or longer drug rehab program may qualify and receive benefit from this form of treatment.

Those persons that are qualified for this level of care have found this intense treatment to be life-changing. Some of our clients have realized that as much help as they got from this intense therapy, they actually found that it broke their denial and they were then ready to do whatever it takes to proceed with more intense and longer treatment.

This form of treatment is much more effective than Intensive Outpatient, Partial Hospitalization or general outpatient treatment. If you are thinking that this may be a way that you can get help without having to take long-term sick-leave or even quit your job, then this Brief Intense Therapy may be what is needed. The appropriateness of BIT for you or your loved one can be determined with a telephone interview with a our counselors. This could be the level of care needed to end your reliance of alcohol and drugs. Brief Intensive Therapy will lead to changed behaviors that reduce overall healthcare costs, criminal behavior, disability and even death. Call for a free interview to see if this is the care you need. To not get help is the wrong action!

How It Works:

Each Intensive Brief Therapy will be personally fitted to your situation, however, these are some of the services that the addict or potential addict will receive:

a) assess the alcohol and drug use with standardized instruments and interviews,

b) provide a prognosis of what will happen if the use continues without therapeutic intervention,

c) Education and training on alcohol and drug use and the truth about addiction and how it applies to this individual,

d) Emotional Counseling that will target those problems that are being "medicated" with the use of alcohol and drugs,

e) An Aftercare Plan will be created that will give the student exact measures that will reverse the progress of the addiction, and,

f) telephone follow up for three months. (In some cases this follow up can be arranged for longer periods of time.)

This has been a very successful form of therapeutic intervention for students that are demonstrating excessive use that has signs of becoming a problem. Brief Intensive Therapy can help handle these types of escalating addiction problems become controllable. The most usual response from this form of treatment are: "He took his problem seriously and regained control of his life", "My son grew up and became more of a responsible adult after his Brief Intensive Therapy work." "If my son remembers 2% of everything he was given during his stay, it was well worth the money." Statements of these types are realistic goals of Brief Intensive Therapies. Please call and discuss how this may be the right action for your loved one... 888.781.7060.

Definition of Terms:

Brief Intense Therapy (BIT)...this term denotes an intense form of education/therapy that is delivered within a 72 hour period. It does not include detoxification. All Canada for this form of help cannot be physically addicted to their drugs of choice, or any other drugs, since there is no provision for detox and the student must be free of any mind-altering drugs while doing the program. (Some individual circumstances may need special consideration because of the medical necessity of certain medications.)

Student ...We do not like the term client or patient because it indicates that the person is in a sick or weak position. Instead, participants are seen as students that are learning new, successful and productive methods to establish control of their lives. Many times there are gaps in knowledge in the student's concepts of who they are and how they relate to alcohol and other drugs.

Location...This form of treatment is done at the residence of the therapist or the residence of the client. Room and board are the responsibility of the student. If the treatment is done at the student's location, all expenses for travel, room and board for the therapist are added to the fee for service.

Hours of Treatment....The total period of treatment is approximately three days. The exact hours will vary depending on individual, but the student must have no other plans or obligations for the entire three-day period.

Course of Treatment...Upon meeting the student, the therapist will spend whatever time is needed to explain the program and to enlist the student in the counseling process. The next step will be the application of an alcohol and drug assessment instrument. the SASSI, which will identify the extent of the addiction problem. Brief Intensive Therapy will include education classes, individual one-on-one therapy, nutritional assessment and recommendations, therapeutic recreation, which amounts to activities such as golf, hiking, or other types of outdoor act ivies and closure, which includes a aftercare plan of action that will be supervised by the counselor for a minimum of three months.

Counslors....All Colorado Drug Rehab counselors are Masters Degree qualified, State Licensed Therapist, Certified Chemical Dependency Counselors and have extensive experience and resumes. Male students will see male counselors and, likewise, female students will see female counselors. The states of Colorado and Mississippi requires therapists to provide a clear statement of our credentialing, confidentiality limits, and expertise. These requirements will be delivered upon reservations and payment for the Brief Intensive Therapy sessions.

Cost... Routinely, Brief Intensive Therapy consist of three, six hour-day sessions and cost $3,000 to $4,000, plus all expenses incurred. This fee covers a minimum of 10 hours of individual, one-on-one therapy, four hours of educational sessions and three hours of aftercare planning. (These are approximate times, but routinely this has been the case.) Some families will be considered for a sliding scale to help families that are challenged by the fee for service. The sliding scale will be determined by telephone interview and will be based on individual circumstances.

Insurance Payments... Services from Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors are usually paid by individual health insurance policies, but because of the unique nature of this intense treatment, some insurance companies may not pay for the multiple hours of care in a short period of time. The PITA Group, Inc. will assist in pre-certifying the insurance coverage and will establish how much reimbursement can be provided by these policies. However, in most cases, the students or their families are responsible for payment in advance of treatment and will be reimbursed by their insurance companies.

You may not be interested in doing rehab yourself, but need to find a competent rehab center. If that is the case, call us at 1-888.781.7060 and we will help you find effective rehab.

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