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Colorado Drug Rehab Examines Cheese or Cheese Heroin

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Colorado doesn't have the problem with Cheese that is seen in Texas, but if there is one young person from Colorado that has been snorting Cheese, then that is too many!

Cheese is a drug that is based mostly on heroin and considered a recreational drug that came to the attention of the American public and especially those around Dallas, Texas after a series of deaths among adolescents in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, between 2005 and 2007.

In attempt to find a new high, Cheese was created from heroin being combined with crushed over-the-counter medicaiton like Tylenol PM. These cold medications contain acetaminophen, which is an antihistamine and causes the consumer to feel much like the "speedball" effects of heroin and meth or cocaine. People have also taken the activity ingredients from nasal sprays and added it to heroin, which is also known as Cheese...we guess it came from the idea that this is certainly a "cheesy" excuse for something that is touted to be a safe drug... it is anything but safe!

Cheese samples obtained in north Dallas contained between 2% and 8% heroin, in contrast to the 30% commonly found in black tar heroin.[3][4] Users commonly take the powder by insufflation ("snorting") rather than by intravenous injection. This mixture is also known as "Tylenol With Smack", as an anology from the Tylenol with codine.

A typical tragedy in Dallas was the report of a teenage student who died of this new street drug, which is a mixture, usually, between black tar heroin and powdered headache tablets. Drug dealers often seel Cheese at $2 a hit to get the young people in our communities hooked on heroin.
Since 2005 at least 23 teenagers in the Texan city have died after taking cheese, so called because it resembles crumbled Parmesan. The latest victim was 18-year-old Scott Clark, a volunteer for a local animal charity and a fitness fanatic.

The drug is mass produced in Mexico and smuggled across the border. The authorities are so concerned that a special regional 'cheese task force' has been set up to tackle the problem. the drug pushers have found that if they make his type of heroin usable through snorting, they will find many more young people that think it is okay to snort a drug, but won't consider sticking a needle in their arms.

According to Zachary Thompson, director of Dallas County Health and Human Services, said: 'We've had this drug in the community for some time and didn't recognise it at first. Cheese heroin has been the most instantly addictive and deadliest drug that we have seen since the crack cocaine epidemic.'

If you know of Cheese Heroin in Colorado, please let Colorado Drug Rehab know about your experience so that we can help others who may not know what they are dealing with....thanks!

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