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Colorado Drug Rehab is part of a national network that helps people in all 50 states, but since we are from Colorado and have worked in the alcohol and drug rehab field for over 30 years in Colorado, our concentration is for rehab centers in Colorado.

We have counselors standing by who can help you find drug rehab programs both in and out of the state of Colorado. Colorado Drug Rehab is a free service that will help you find a drug rehab for any alcohol or drug addiction problem you or a loved one may be having. It is easy to confuse the different terms used in this field, describing the different types of drug rehab centers, drug rehabilitation centers, and substance abuse treatment programs. For the problem that you are addressing, should you be looking for an Outpatient, In-patient, Residential Treatment Center, Long term or Short term drug treatment and what modality of alcohol and drug treatment is the most effective and what are the cost related to these forms of treatment or rehab.

Anyone that is in this field for as long as we have been, is very dedicated to ensuring that those that call us are given the best care possible. We may not be able to tell you what you wanted to hear, but you will get the TRUTH. We only refer to programs that are capable of handling your addiction and if we refer you to one of our chosen programs, we would do the same for our own family.

There are few alcohol and drug rehab programs that are actually able to make dramatic change in your lives. For some people, that may be a Christian-based rehab. If you or your loved one is interested in Christian based recovery, we have programs that we can ensure are not just using the Lord's name to get your attention and money, but are actually walking the walk and have the experience and referrences to show that they are people of faith with impecable ethics.

Unfortunately, in our experience, we have found Christain-based programs that just do lip service to the name, Christian-based. Therefore, if you have the desire to attend a faith-based rehab, call our counselors and we will tell you who in Colorado is worthy of your trust. There is much more to Chrisitan-bassed rehab than Bible study and prayer. Good faith-based programs add the Christian component to something that would be effective in treating addiction without the spiritual component. These are the types of programs that we have found to be effective and have been added to our list of referral centers.

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Drug Rehab Counselors

Headed by licensed and/or certified addiction counselors, Colorado Drug Rehab can help provide an initial assessment and drug rehab referral based on your individual situation. The counselors at Colorado Drug Rehab do not profess to be unbiased because there are so many "alcohol and drug treatment centers" that are not competent and, some may actually confuse the patients and leave them with the idea that "once an addict, always an addict". Our director has reviewed over 150 centers, on site, and from those many years of work, has found very few that are worthy of your trust that in a large majority of their cases, they are successful in building and rebuilding productive, ethical and strong individuals. Take the time to learn about the field of alcohol and other drug treatment from professionals that have the experience and education to guide you.

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Contact Colorado Drug Rehab, helps you make decisions on a drug rehab treatment center as well as helping your get the best alcohol and drug assessments and evaluations. We are Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors that have reviewed over 150 rehab centers, on site, and performed more than 500 alcohol and drug assessments and evaluations, and can share our experiences and help you find the best program or get a fair and honest alcohol or drug assessment to help you with legal issues or help you find what level of treatment or rehab is most appropriate!

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