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Dilaudid Tablets
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Dilaudid addiction can happen to anyone. Its addiction potential is similar to that of heroin. Colorado Drug Rehab does not get many calls from persons that have a straight Dilaudid addiction, but when they are requesting drug rehab, we are happy to explain the different types of drug rehab or residential drug treatment that are available. The individual on Dilaudid will begin with a legitimate ailment, go to their doctor and receive a prescription for Dilaudid. As time goes by they begin to depend on the Dilaudid, even when they no longer need it.

Many times individuals are unable to get legitimate prescriptions for Dilaudid after their original prescription is gone. They then resort to what is called doctor shopping. The addict will see many doctors and pretend to be sick to obtain more Dilaudid. Most doctors will required documentation of severe pain before they will write a prescription for Dilaudid, so most of the street Dilaudid comes from theft from pharmacies and distributors or theft from hospitals and nursing homes. It isn't uncommon to find some individuals that are prescribed Dilaudid, to sell a part or all of the prescription to enhance their income. Colorado Drug Rehab has does not receive many calls from persons that are seeking rehab or treatment for Dilaudid addiction, in particular, but we do get about 30% of our inquires from individuals that are addicted to other opiates like hydrocodone (Vicodin) and, of course, heroin.

Sometimes, individuals get addicted by someone turning them onto Dilaudid and they end up liking it. The elderly are targets for prescription theft. Health care workers or family members might Dilaudid by this method. Prescription pill sales on the street are more expensive than other illicit drugs.

Dilaudid is commonly prescribed for the relief of moderate to severe pain, with severe pain being the most common reason. In fact, it has eight times the painkilling effects of morphine. Typically, this drug is used for conditions such as burns, cancer, surgical pain, injuries, and heart attack.

Effects of Dilaudid

Dilaudid acts similar to morphine on the body. However, the euphoria is similar to codeine. It is one of the most prescribed opioid pain reliever for the terminally ill people. Its side effects are ignorable, considering the high potency of the drug. Dilaudid is a CNS depressant and can intensify the effects of alcohol.

Heroin users will chose to purchase Dilaudid over most sales of heroin because of its purity and the predictability of the dose, which leads to less overdoses and, the fact that many opiate user prefer the "high" from Dilaudid over that of heroin or any other opiate. Dilaudid tablets are water soluble and are, therefore, easily dissolved and prepared for injection. Dilaudid is not as available as heroin in most places in Colorado and sells for a premium price, which limits its sale to many opiate addicts that are looking for anything to keep the "drug sickness" at bay.

No specific statistics could be found for the rate of illicit Dilaudid use in Colorado since these figures are not usually separated from a category of prescription controlled substances and/or opiates.

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