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WELCOME TO COLORADO DRUG REHAB'S ALCOHOL EVALUATION AND ASSESSMENT PAGE...A Licensed and Certified Professional Will Perform an Alcohol Assessment Using the SASSI Assessment Instrument as well as the Michigan Alcohol Screening Test (MAST) or the Addiction Severity Test (ASI) depending which one of the last two is more appropriate to your case! ...This can all be done using Skype on your computer and afterwords, you will be sent a draft of a detailed evaluation report sent to you the same or following day. We will design our Assessments to fit what you need, not the other way around.

Licensed Evaluator

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Specialist

Iin the past three years, we have done over 500 assessments from Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and California. We have done assessments and evaluations for Human Resources Departments, Lawyers, Courts, Probation, Child Protective Services, DMV and employers. Our professional evaluation system has the highest professional resumes and evaluators that you will find anywhere. Our Licensed and Certified Evaluator has over 35 years experience.

One of the areas where we have been uniquely helpful is with people that are in Colorado and had DUIs in other states. This is usually confusing to many, but we are very accustomed to helping with states other than Colorado. Even if you are in Colorado only for a vacation or work, we will be happy to help you handle that unsettle problem that continues to be a problem for you.

Our prices are lower than most advertised evaluators from staff with higher credentials.

If you or a loved one has been arrested or cited for reckless driving, open alcohol container, DUI or any other charges that need a professional's written evaluation, then call us and we will discuss how easily this can be accomplished.

Our Evaluations/ Assessments include:

  • Family History
  • Employment History
  • Education History
  • Alcohol and other Drug Abuse History
  • Administration and scoring of the SASSI, ASI, TADD and other appropriate assessment instruments.
  • Written Report
  • Total Time= approx. 1.5 hours

Why Should You Have an Alcohol Assessment or Evaluation From Colorado Drug

You need to be careful when choosing a person or company to perform a alcohol assessmen tfor a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or an alcohol and drug assessment and evaluation for Children's Protective Services or other court mandated alcohol and drug evaluations. Why? Many other assessors do not have the experience or credentials to guarantee you ethical and accurate results. Check to see if the evaluator has a professional degree. This may and may not be important, but there are some people doing Alcohol Assessments and Evaluations that are up-selling to force you to take their classes. We don't offer classes, nor would we ever be driven by money to do something that unethical.

There are also individuals that are getting paid by treatment centers for referrals to treatment. Some of these same people may find that it is more beneficial to them financially to get a referral from a treatment center than to give you an accurate alcohol evaluation. Be suspicious if the cost of doing the alcohol and drug evaluation is less than $100 and if the evaluation isn't based on a nationally recognized risk assessment instrument, like the SASSI-3. From all of the evaluations and assessment that we have done in the past three yearrs, we have never referred anyone to a treatment center where we have any monitary advantage.

Buyer bware. The last thing that you need is an alcohol assessment that paints an untrue picture of your alcohol or drug use and the documents a potential for future illegal activities related to alcohol abuse or drug abuse.

A good and thorough assessment should take into account everything that one has done since their legal offense to handle the drinking or drug problem. Most people learn from their mistakes and don't need any more attention to their problem other than being aware of those subtleties that could trip them up.

Everyone that gets a DWI, DUI or any arrest for alcohol or drug-related offence tells themselves that they will never to anything like that again. However, as devestating as an arrest of this nature can be, some of those how vow to never be so foolish, find themselves with another arrest. If you get an evaluation from us, we will help you uncover those areas in your life that might trip you up and cause you to sabotage your best interest.

If you have confronted your problem and no longer are at risk for having further problems, then the evaluation should state the same and the person should feel that the evaluation report is a vindication of your mistakes and not a mysterious and vague report that keeps a person under the auspices of courts, probation or others, instead of freeing you to exercise and regain control over your life. Certainly lessons have to be learned and one cannot take a DUI or DWI lightly, but it doesn't mean that you have to do more than is necessary to handle your specific problem, which means to never drive after drinking and doesn't mean that you need long-term residential treatment because you have an addictive disease. Just be aware and be careful.

There are many injustices in life, but getting a thorough and honest assessment/evaluation shouldn't be one of them. Some Evaluators are using this process to connect you to residential or further outpatient treatment. We have had clients that report to us that they did an assessment by an unlicensed evaluator who was reasonably priced, but the report was sent to their probation department with a recommendation for attending ten more hours of addiction classes from the evaluator's company. If you need more classes or even some form of treatment, you will know that from our evaluaitons before they are sent to the authorities requesting this review.

Colorado Drug Rehab has over 30 years of ethical practice in helping individuals regain control of and power over their lives. Our purpose is to help you communicate the strengths in your life, not to emphasize your weakness and require you to spend more money unless it is for your benefit and necessary. You can trust Colorado Drug Rehab to do whatever we can to get you past your legal entanglement. Over 80% of our evaluations have determined that no other alcohol or drug rehab or education services are needed. Our evaluator's education, degrees, certifications and licensing make our evaluation beyond dispute and we have never had any of our assessment/evaluations refused because of a lack of accuracy.

Our professional staff have a history of testifying in court with remarkable successes. We will defend your abilities as well.

Our Services are Guaranteed.

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Contact Colorado Drug Rehab, helps you make decisions on a drug rehab treatment center as well as helping your get the best alcohol and drug assessments and evaluations. We are Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors that have reviewed over 150 rehab centers, on site, and performed more than 500 alcohol and drug assessments and evaluations, and can share our experiences and help you find the best program or get a fair and honest alcohol or drug assessment to help you with legal issues or help you find what level of treatment or rehab is most appropriate!