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Bath Salts are Dangerous

Colorado Drug Rehab Explains Why Bath Salts are Dangerous ?

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To answer that question simply, Extreme Dangerous!! They should be avoided and not even tried experimentally since one time use of these "legal" drugs can create an insanity that can take months to get rid of, assuming that you do the right actions to rid your body of these poisons to a point where they no longer affect you.

Bath salts first came to our attention with calls from those that had used it or their loved ones with the same message every time: "I took some bath salts last night and I feel like I am loosing my mind". We haven't heard anyone that says that they enjoyed the effects, but instead they are talking about extreme paranoia, uncontrollable fear and anxiety attacks.

No one knows, for sure, how long this will last, but our empirical data shows us that these negative effects are still present after at least two weeks. How long can anyone stand to have these feelings for even a day, much less knowing that you will probably wake up the next day and be feeling the same terrorizing and distorted feelings.

Do We Need To Worry About Bath Salts?

Recently there have been news articles about our youth abusing bath salts. We know that adolescence bring on more concern about cleanliness, but this isn't what they are talking about. There are two drugs, called designer-drugs since they are synthesized in the lab, mephedrone and methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), and are being marketed on the Internet as "research chemicals," "plant food" or "bath salts." These chemical compounds are not Epsom Salts or other types of reputable bath salts, but are only being sold to our children to be used as party drugs. Both of these compounds are synthetic stimulants with reported hallucinogenic properties. They are being sold in retail stores with names such as Cloud 9, Ivory Wave, Ocean, Charge Plus, White Lightning, Scarface, Hurricane Charlie, Red Dove and White Dove. Reference. The drug is being described as many times more potent that Ritalin and cocaine. The results of these drugs have led to accidental deaths and suicides. These drugs are not being limited to children, but are being found at parties of young adults as well.

One of our colleagues had a client that took Bath Salts and had to be flown to a major city's ER because it poisoned his kidneys and he was about to succumb. When asked if he would tell the police who sold him the Bath Salts, he replied that he isn't a snitch and wouldn't tell. Obviously, the drug was affecting more than his kidneys.

In our 35 years of working in the alcohol and other drug field, we have never seen any drug that universally is having such devastating effects.

If you have already take Bath Salts and are feeling negative feelings after you took them, there is a way out. Go to our page on Pain Free Detox and follow the instructions using CalMag and the Drug Withdrawal Formula. These vitamins and minerals will help relieve some of these anxious and psychotic feelings.

The only thorough and complete handling of the effects from Bath Salts is to do the Detoxification Program that is part of biophysical treatment programs. You can call our hot line and we will explain this further and guide you to the nearest program that can get Bath Salts out of our body and end its effects.

Some of the names that are bath salts are being sold under are "Ivory Wave", "Hurricane Charlie", and "White Lightning". There are probably other product names that are being given to these drugs in an attempt to get innocent buyers to snort these powders and experience a "high like cocaine and meth". We have yet found anyone that got those feelings from this poison. Internet sites report how you can snort, smoke or inject these bath salts. The government's Poison Control Centers state that the effects are similar to methamphetamine... This is a "pipe dream" because most people are only getting negative effects and none of the reported highs that this drug is advertised to give users.

At this time the Drug Enforcement Administration doesn't regulate this drug because they are being sold has actual bath salts and the accompanying literature states that they should not be taken internally. This is, of course, a ploy to keep this poison on the market and to spread the word about its supposed euphoric effects on the web and by word of mouth.

There is a breath of hope in that in July, 2012, the DEA started arresting shop owerns thoughout the U.S. and Colorado for the sale of the drug and on July, 01, 2012, a law in Colorado was passed to make its sale and manufacturing illegla. The DEA worked closely with Mesa County (Grand Junction), Colorado sheriff's department in a coordinated taskforce that ellimnated the sale of Bath Salts in Mesa County and the DEA reports that there are no known stores selling it in Colorado. However, it is still be ing bought, mostly through the internet, so parents need to be aware that it is still available and what we have said about it dangers cannot be over-emphasized.

These bath salts contain mephedrone and methylenedioxypyrovalerone, also known as MDPV, which is known to cause paranoia, rapid heart beats, hallucinations and suicidal ideation, which should be enough to stop anyone from buying or taking these dangerous drugs.

They are being marketed as true bath salts and as a plant food. Again, this is the deception to keep drug enforcement officials from banning its sale.

Our phone calls are coming mostly from the south with Alabama having the most reports to our help line. It is reported in the news that one man, who was very familiar with taking drugs, took some bath salts and the hallucinations were so severe that it drove him to slash his face with a knife. Others have committed suicide from the endless terror that comes as a result of taking this drug.

Louisiana has banned the sale of the psychoactive chemicals that are in bath salts which has led to a sharp reduction in calls into their Poison Control Center from innocent users that are experiencing its devastating effects.

Bath salts are a new designer drug and the calls reporting these terrorizing effects started coming into Louisiana in October of 2010. 48 other states have reported at least one call associated with Bath Salts.

Bath Salts are being sold at convenience stores for approximately $20 for a packet of this poison.

Since January, 2011 nearly twenty people have been admitted into the ICU because of Bath Salt psychosis.

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