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There are approximately 31,000 drug rehab and addiction treatment center admissions in Colorado each year, however, due to the high relapse rate of many traditional programs most families in Clifton are searching for something that worksand if they have tried the programs in and around Clifton and Grand Junction, they may want to hear from the advice of our counselors that have reviewed alcohol and drug rehab treatment programs throughout the state and surrounding states. From their experience, you can learn what programs work, and why and which ones are better to avoid. Some of the citizens in this area feel as though they are isolated from effective alcohol and drug treatment programs and it is true that many of these rural areas have fewer choices than do other areas of Colorado, but with our help we can find you quality outpatient alcohol and drug services. For effective residential or inpatient rehab servcies, it will probably be necessary to go to the Denver or Fort Collins area. However, there is more to be said about getting help away from your community, so call our counselors and we will explain the advantages.

Clifton's median age is four years younger than that of the State of Colorado, with Clifton, Colorado having a median age of 30.0 and the state's average is 34.4. This younger popoulation is majorly employed in the agricultureal and energy businesses of the Western Slope and these hard working populations are known for abusing alcohol and other drugs to the point that some of them will need residential drug rehab and treatment to continue to support themselves and their families.

The median house or condo value in Clifton is $166.007, which is more reasonable than homes in many parts of colorado, but it still takes sober and responsible living to support oneself and a family in Clifton, Colorado.

The median household income is $49,242 in 2007, which was up from 31, 684 in 2,000. The average for all of Colroado is 56, 993, but the cost of living in Clifton, Colorado is much less expensive than in the metorpolitians areas of Denver or Colorado Springs. The cost of living index is 83.7 with 100 being the US baseline.

If you live in Clifton or surrounding areas and need help, callus at Colorado Drug Rehab and we will help you with your situation or lead you to someone who can.

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Contact Colorado Drug Rehab, helps you make decisions on a drug rehab treatment center as well as helping your get the best alcohol and drug assessments and evaluations. We are Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors that have reviewed over 150 rehab centers, on site, and performed more than 500 alcohol and drug assessments and evaluations, and can share our experiences and help you find the best program or get a fair and honest alcohol or drug assessment to help you with legal issues or help you find what level of treatment or rehab is most appropriate!