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There are approximately 31,000 Colorado drug rehab and addiction treatment center admissions each year, however, due to the high relapse rate of many traditional programs most families in Colorado Springs are searching for something that works.


This is where Colorado Drug Rehab assessment and referral services can help. Colorado Springs has become a center for Christian non-profit organization offering ministry and educational activities, however, the city has a large drug using population as well. With the United States Airforce Academy and the strong conservative Christian populations, we have found that Colorado Springs has a larger legal drug abuse population as apposed to illicit drug abuse.


However, many prescription drugs are more dangerous than street drugs. For instance, withdrawals from xanax is much more dangerous than withdrawaling from heroin.

Call us and we wiil provide quality care and advice on what you can DO to help your conditions in LIFE! Experienced and Licensed Counselors await your call .......... 888.781.7060.


Colorado Springs' Prescription Drug Problem

A large part of the drug problem throught Colorado is related to prescription drug abuse, but Colorado Springs has a disproportionate numbrer of their citizens that have, unfortunately, become addicted to prescription drugs.


On November 19,2009, federal prosecutors announced that Dr. Peter W.S. Grigg was sentenced to five years of probation and 180 days of home detention for illegally distributing prescription drugs. Dr. Grigg was an anesthesiologist at Memorial Hospital. According to legal records, Grigg met with undercover police to sell them Osycodone, Fentanyl and Ecstasy.

The Solution

Drug rehab that addresses the individual through a biophysical treatment approach is the most successful method. While the right program may not be in Colorado Springs, our philosophy is to refer you to the best possible drug rehab center that can help handle the problem for good. We will refer you to drug rehab centers that don't use drugs in any way, as a longer-term drug-free program will typically have the best overall results.

Colorado Drug Rehab is a free service that will help you find a drug rehab for any alcohol or drug addiction problem you or a loved one may be having. It is easy to confuse the different terms used in this field, describing the different types of drug rehab centers, drug rehabilitation centers, and substance abuse treatment programs. For the problem that you are addressing, should you be looking for an Outpatient, In-patient, Residential Treatment Centers in Colorado Springs, Long term or Short term treatment and what modality of treatment in Colorado Springs is the most effective and what are the cost related to these forms of treatment or rehab.

Please fill out this short information form so that we can assist you to find a good rehabilitation facility with a high success rate. We are knowledeable in drug rehab methods and we will help you with your situation.

Narcotics Anonymous is a program much like Alcoholics Anonymous, but slanted towards users and abusers of narcotics. These listings are provided as a service of Colorado Drug Rehab; please call ahead to ensure that the meeting is taking place and is open to the public. See below for the new Nar-Anon meeting in your city!

You can find other NA meeting through this LINK

Meeting Name Address City Day Time
Pikes Peak Area Service Office 228 Auburn Drive, Suite 2 Colorado Springs Friday 7 PM
Pikes Peak Area Service Office 228 Auburn Drive, Suite 2 Colorado Springs Saturday Noon
Faith Presbyterian Church 1529 North Circle Colorado Springs Monday 8 PM
Community Alternatives of El Paso County 2945 E Las Vegas Street Colorado Springs Sunday 5:30 PM
Pikes Peak Area Service Office 228 Auburn Drive, Suite 2 Colorado Springs Thursday 6 PM
Pikes Peak Area Service Office 228 Auburn Drive, Suite 2 Colorado Springs Tuesday 7 PM

Those in need of AA, Alanon, Naranon, CA, CMA or other support groups can call 888.781.7060 and we will meet your individual needs.

The resources listed here are NOT to be considered to be endorsed by Colorado Drug Rehab:

Addiction is a family disease. It affects the relationships of those close to the addict:
parents, spouse, siblings, children, longtime friends, and employers. We who care the
most suffer from the addict's erratic behavior. We try to control and are ashamed of
the scenes caused. Soon, we begin to think we are to blame and assume the guilt, fears,
and responsibilities of the addict. Thus, we become sick, too.

Nar-Anon believes that by sharing our experience, strength and hope we can learn from each other how do deal with the pain and heartbreak that comes with loving an addict. 
The Nar-Anon Family Groups are a worldwide fellowship for those affected by someone else’s addiction.  As a twelve-step program, we offer our help by sharing our experience, strength, and hope to others.  For more information please join us: 

Starting December 1, 2011
When: Nar Anon support group will meet every Thursday @7:00 p.m.
Where: Faith Presbyterian Church
   1529 N. Circle Dr., Colorado Springs

Harbor House Collaborative, 225 North Weber Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 (719) 473-5557. Outpatient Substance abuse treatment Special Programs/Groups: Pregnant/postpartum women. Fee For Service

Salvation Army 501 South Weber Street Colorado Springs, CO 80903 (719) 473-6161 Type of Care: Residential long-term treatment (more than 30 days)

Genesis: 2565 Airport Road Colorado Springs, CO 80910 (719) 632-3510 Type of Care: Outpatient,Special Programs/Groups: Women, Men, DUI/DWI offenders Payment Assistance: Sliding fee scale (fee is based on income and other factors)

Cedar Springs Behavioral Health System 2135 Southgate Road Colorado Springs, CO 80906 (719) 633-4114 Primary Focus: Mix of mental health and substance abuse services Forms of Payment Accepted: Self payment, Medicaid, Medicare, State financed insurance (other than Medicaid), Private health insurance, Military insurance (e.g., VA,TRICARE)

Pikes Peak Mental Health Center Colorado Springs, CO 80905 (719) 572-6330 Primary Focus: Mix of mental health and substance abuse services Type of Care: Outpatient Special Language Services: ASL or other assistance for hearing impaired

Alano Recovery Homes...Recovery homes run by recovering alcoholics and addicts. (719) 635-4494

Is Location an Important Consideration In Selecting an Alcohol and Drug Rehab Program?

Drug and alcohol addiction involves habitual routines and contacts for its support. This is why it is so important to create Drug Free Zones around schools and other areas where youth congregate. Drug or alcohol addiction is not just drug and alcohol use, it revolves around people and things in their immediate environment which help to trigger the addictive behavior. The abusers location & routines of drug and alcohol use further trigger drug and alcohol use.

Therefore, most knowledgeable counselors and researchers will tell you that removing the addict or alcoholic from his comfortable surroundoing plays an importatnt role in ensuring that his attention will be focused on rehabilitation and not how his "friends" pick him up or deliver drugs to him in while he is in treatment.

Since nearly all alcoholics and drug addicts want to stop using, they will be the first to tell you that they would like to go somewhere out of their familiar area to find help. If they are wanting to stay near their home, then they are probablly hedging their bets in case the treatment isn't giving them what they are expecting on an immediate basis.

Also, Colorado Drug Rehab reviewed over 150 centers throughout the US and, unfortunately, there aren't that many that are actually effective and worth your serious consideration...therefore, many times it will be necessary, but also beneficial, for the family to help the alcohol or addict leave their geographical area to seek effective alcohol and drug treatment.

Cocaine in Colorado Springs: is considered a significant drug threat to Colorado Springs.

According to the DEA Denver Division, wholesale quantities of powdered cocaine sold for $18,000 to $20,000 per kilogram in Denver and from $15,000 to $25,000 per kilogram in Colorado Springs during the fourth quarter of FY2002, a moderate increase from the first quarter of FY2001. However, DEA reports that bulk purchases of cocaine in Denver can reduce the price per kilogram to as low as $16,000. During the same period powdered cocaine sold for $650 to $1,200 per ounce in Denver and $600 to $700 per ounce in Colorado Springs. Crack sold for $800 to $1,200 per ounce in Denver and $500 to $1,100 per ounce in Colorado Springs. Retail quantities of powdered cocaine sold for $70 to $125 per gram statewide, while crack sold for $20 to $30 per rock in Denver and $25 to $50 per rock in Colorado Springs.

Cocaine purity levels are high in metropolitan areas, indicating ready availability. According to DEA, the purity of powdered and crack cocaine available in Denver ranged from 57 to 75 percent in FY2002 compared with 35 to 82 percent in FY2001. During FY2001 powdered cocaine purity in Colorado Springs averaged 50 percent at the retail level.

Club Drugs in Colorado Springs, which are mostly synthetic substances, are increasing in availability and use in Colorado. Increases in MDMA availability have been noted by Colorado law enforcement agencies throughout the state, as law enforcement pressure in larger cities such as Denver and Colorado Springs has compelled rave promoters to stage events in more rural areas.

Heroin in Colorado Springs - The most common types of heroin available in Colorado are Mexican black tar heroin and brown powdered heroin. New heroin users in Colorado are often young adults who smoke or snort the drug rather than inject it. This is due to a misconception that this practice is safer and less likely to lead to addiction. In Colorado Springs Mexican black tar heroin and brown powdered heroin were less available and sold for $1,800 to $3,500 per ounce and $75 to $300 per gram. In some more rural areas where Mexican black tar heroin is available, prices can be as low as $50 per gram due to lower purity.

Heroin generally is not associated with violence in Colorado. Heroin abusers sometimes commit property crimes to acquire funds to purchase the drug. Heroin distributors, however, may commit violent crimes to protect their operations. For instance, Sinaloan Cowboys*, which is active in Colorado Springs and other parts of the state, is a violent street gang that distributes heroin in several jurisdictions. Its members commit homicide, burglary, kidnapping, and auto theft; some crimes may be linked to their heroin distribution activities.

*Sinaloan Cowboys, a street gang primarily composed of Mexican nationals, has adopted cowboy attire and symbols. Many wear expensive cowboy boots and hats, silk shirts, and gold jewelry. Members prefer fancy vehicles with gold and chrome plating and sometimes hang a miniature lasso and saddle from the rearview mirror. Members typically possess numerous weapons including fragmentation grenades. Most members come from Sinaloa, Mexico, or from nearby areas such as Chihuahua, Durango, Michoacan, Nayarit, and Zacatecas. The principal criminal activities associated with this street gang are drug transportation and distribution

Marijuana in Colorado Springs is readily available in multi-pound quantities throughout Colorado .

Methamphetamine in Colorado Springs is a primary drug threat to Colorado. Crystal methamphetamine, also known as glass in Colorado, is becoming increasingly available throughout the State and has tested as high as 90% pure. Purity levels for methamphetamine vary in Colorado. In Colorado Springs higher purity methamphetamine is readily available from Mexican distributors or local producers with prices ranging from $9,000 to $15,000 per pound, $700 to $1,200 per ounce, and $90 to $125 per gram. Crystal methamphetamine available in the Denver area sells approximately 20 percent higher than powdered methamphetamine. In Denver the purity of methamphetamine produced by Mexican DTOs and criminal groups was typically 10 to 20 percent during the second half of FY2000, according to DEA. The same type of methamphetamine sold at the wholesale and retail levels averaged 20 percent pure in Colorado Springs.

In March 2001 a Colorado Springs man, who had fled after engaging in an altercation with a police officer, later charged two officers while wielding a knife. The officers shot and killed the man. An autopsy revealed that he had a high concentration of methamphetamine in his system.

Prescription Drugs in Colorado - The diversion and abuse of OxyContin (oxycodone) is a significant problem in Colorado. Hydrocodone (Vicodin) and Darvocet are the most commonly abused controlled substances.

A Conference Was Held IN Colorado Springs on Alcoholism and Drug Addiction in the Elderly

This conference was held in February of 2009 and some very interesting, and shocking stats came from the presentations:

Three million of the approximately 35 million Americans aged 60 and over are alcoholics;

10-12 percent of people 65 and older have a drinking problem, as do 50 percent of nursing home residents;

Widowers 75 and older have the highest alcoholism rate of any age group or population sector;

21 percent of hospitalized people aged 50 and over are alcoholics;

70 percent of elderly hospitalizations for illness or injury are alcohol-based (as compared to 25 percent for the population at large).

Use of illegal drugs is rare among the elderly, but they ingest staggering quantities of prescribed and over-the-counter medication. Eighty-three percent of people 60 and over take prescription drugs, 50 percent of them potentially addictive sedatives like Valium and Librium. Women 60 and over take an average of five prescription drugs at a time, and for longer periods than men.

Addiction is typically the consequence of taking these drugs in too high and frequent doses.

If you have a loved one that might fit into these stats, don't hesitate to call us at: 1-888.781.7060

Contact Colorado Drug Rehab, helps you make decisions on a drug rehab treatment center as well as helping your get the best alcohol and drug assessments and evaluations. We are Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors that have reviewed over 150 rehab centers, on site, and performed more than 500 alcohol and drug assessments and evaluations, and can share our experiences and help you find the best program or get a fair and honest alcohol or drug assessment to help you with legal issues or help you find what level of treatment or rehab is most appropriate!


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