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Colorado Drug Rehab has become the experts in assessment and referral to crystal meth or just meth rehab. Not only are we the only site on the web where you will speak to a licensed, masters level counselor, but our Director has been the director of three rehab centers, one that was specifically designed to treatment meth addiction.

If you would like to know more about Crystal Meth or the Effects of Crystal Meth, follow the links that are connected to these terms. If you are ready for meth rehab or drug treatment, continue to read the information below or call our counselors at 888.781.7060.

If you call many of the thousands of sites on the web that have their "expert" opinions about the effectiveness of meth drug rehab, you will be more confused than when you started your search. It is our pledge that we will give you the honest facts about meth addiction and what treatment centers can reverse this addiction.

What Rehab Programs are Available to Treat Meth Addiction?

The most common treatment programs available in Colorado and throughout the United States are those that are based on the 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). This is a phenomenon that developed in the US and is seen by most countries in Europe as being a religion rather than treatment. Most of the programs, approximately 90%, that are available will be using some form of the 12-step method.

It should be kept in mind that the two men that wrote that Big Book of AA and formulated the principals of their recovery program, insisted that the 12-steps were NOT treatment and should never be institutionalized. Nevertheless, when insurance companies opted to pay for drug treatment, the mental health professionals didn't have a treatment that could be used, so the majority of program adopted the principals of the 12-steps as their form of treatment.

This has been a huge disservice to the alcohol and drug rehab field and has set back its progress immeasurably. Many loved ones of addicts have depleted their savings and retirement to send their children or other addicted family members to treatment with the idea that they would be cured of their deadly "disease". Instead, around 90% or more came back to drug use within two months.

The treatment centers then started pushing the idea that addiction is a "disease of relapse", meaning that they are not taking responsibility for not getting substantial positive outcomes, but they are re-defining what they treat.

Many rehab centers resorted to the line that there isn't a "true drug addict", that they all have a dual-diagnosis, meaning that when they leave meht treatment they will still need to have ongoing counseling. Again, this is an excuse for not soving the problem that you had asked to be fixed...your addiciton!

It is true that most people on drugs, and certainly crysal meth users would be included, have emotional problems that need resolution, but isn't that why you went to rehab? If you only needed detox from the drugs you could have either done that on your own, or done so at a detox center for much less cost that rehab.

So, if 90% of the programs are of this type, then what should we do if we have a meth problem?

There is only one program that truly addresses all of the physical and emotional factors that are necessary to actually rehabilitate someone who has been using crystal meth or methamphetamines. Those are biophysical programs. Click here for more details.

Learn more about meth and the recommended solutions in terms of effective rehabs at our Crystal Meth Page... Click HERE

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