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The Effects of Crystal Meth and Methamphetamine

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If you or a loved one is having a peoblem with meth, then you have found the right page to discover the good news...that meth addiction isn't a disease and there are treatment programs in Colorado that actually rehabilitate meth users to the place they were before they ever took this powerful and deadly drug. There are drug rehab centers in Colorado that specialize in crystal meth addiction. These program understand the physical complications and the physical and mental consequences of meth use.

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Crystal meth is the strongest stimulant in a smokeable form, which enters the blood stream at the highest concentrations and delivers the highest concentration of meth to your brain. However, many people want even higher level of meth and will resort to injecting crystal meth directly into their veins.

The effects of crystal meth are similar to the effects of cocaine but the response last much longer than that of cocaine. Since it is a powerful stimulant, when it is taken into the body, all of the endricone system is pushed into overdrive, with the release of large amounts of adrenaline, which then causes all of the other metabolism hormones to increase.

Because of this, one of the problems that crystal meth users complain about is not being able to have sexual activity without the use of the drug. When your body is continually being pushed to these extreme levels of hormone production, it secreats higher than normal levels of testosterone and other sex hormones. When you stop taking meth, your body wants to rest and adjust back to its normal levels, however, because it was pushed above its normal, you will go through a period when you will find that the sex hormones are much lower than normal. It takes a period of rest before the body can adjust back to normal and during this resting time, you can expect to have little or no sexual urges.

Sex hormones are not the only bodily functions that are affected by the meth. Depending on your age and the strength of your heart and circulatory system, meth use may cause heart attachs, strokes and even comas can come from the increased heart activity and elevated blood pressure. During chronic or continual use of meth, body goes through many changes. These changes are easily seen in the pictures below. If you speed up all of your hormones and don't sleep, you will age rapidly.

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The long term effects of meth are similar to those found in the aged population, with symptoms of Parkinson's disease or Alzheimer's disease, as well as strokes and ultimately death. Chronic use of crystal meth depletes the body of calcium and causes meth-mouth from decayed teeth as well as brittle bones, especially larger bones of the legs and hip. The depletion of nutrients causes the skin to display fatigue as well as the sensation that "bugs are crawling under my skin".

You might wonder if meth causes all of the terrible outcomes, then why does anyone every take more than one dose? The immediate effects of meth are quite delusional and feel as though you are operating at you highest levels of performance. With small does, you will feel eel energetic, faster, confident, superman like strength and omnipotent. You will feel that you are on top of the world. Unfortunately, there isn't a drug that can give you that feeling or reality and you will soon find that your world is crumbling down around you if you continue to use this drug.

That feeling of strength soon turns into nervousness and irratibility, sleeplessness, unpredictable thoughts and actions, paranoia, unstable conclusions and emotions. You will go from happy or elated to furious and psychoticly angry with very little or not provocation.

Once you decide to stop using the drug, you are in for a crashing depression. The best way to get through this period is to take cal/mag and B vitamins and sleep as long as you can. Upon awakening, eat a well balanced, protein-rich diet and expect to have mood swings until you stablize, about a week to ten days for someone that hasn't overly abused meth.


Crystal Meth dramatically affects the central nervous system. Crystal Meth referrals to the crystalline, smokeable form of methamphetamine and this form of the drug isn't used in any of the legitimate uses of methamphetamine. Meth is easily manufactured anywhere with basic, over-the-counter ingredients in Colorado and surrounding states are notorious for being very active in the manufacture of Crystal meth. Most of the western states have instituted laws that limit the purchase of Sudafed and other cold medications that are used for the manufacturing of methamphetamine. However, as drug labs have becomes less prevalent, the smuggling of meth across the Mexican border has kept meth dealers in ample supply and the incidence and prevalence of meth addiction continues to be a number one problem in Colorado and other western states. Oklahoma led the nation in illegal meth labs until they passed the law that requires ID to purchase ephedrine. (The required chemical in the manufacture of methamphetamine.)

Crystal meth, a form of methamphetamine, is also known as speed, chalk, ice, crank or glass. It is a white, odorless, crystalline powder. Crystal meth’s structure is similar to amphetamine with more of an impact on the central nervous system. The drug releases high levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine into the part of the brain regulating feelings of pleasure. It usually causes increased activity, decreased appetite, and a heightened sense of well-being. The unique description of how meth effects the body should lead anyone to looking for a drug treatment center that has a track record of treating and succeeding in rehabilitating chronic users of crystal meth.

Brain Damage

Taking methamphetamines causes the brain to release higher amounts of dopamine, a neurotransmitter, which causes the elevated mood and euphoric feelings. Since this is an artificial stimulation of the brain's dopamine, many of the brain's cells are damaged which ultimately reduces the amount of dopamine and serotonin that is available. This is the physiological reason for the Parkinson's disease-like symptoms seen with chronic meth use.

Environmental Damage

Something that isn't addressed enough is the damage that can occur to anyone that is operating a homemade meth lab. There have been many lab explosions that result in severe burns and other harm from toxic fumes.

For every pound of crystal meth being produces by a meth lab, there are nearly five pounds of hazardous waste produced. Since most of this waste is dumped in toilets or down sinks, the ground water in the area is also contaminated.

Another tragic outcome from taking meth or producing it in a meth lab is the effects on children. Many meth using couples that have children are found sound asleep in their homes while their young children are left to tend for themselves. Even though the children may be crying and doing all they can to wake the parents, the coma-like sleep after a meth run leaves the parents in a state where they are not awakened by their kids. You also find children in meth-using homes to have the contamination of the meth toxins and meth itself in their blood streams and lodged in their fat tissues.


If you have read the above information, you should be frightened to ever use this dangerous drug, but there are many families that don't know all of the facts about the terrible effects of meth use and continue to regard its use as a recreational drug with little or no downside. This is further from the truth than with any other illicit drug, including LSD. It is important that all caring citizens continually make their public aware of the tremendous negative effects of meth use and production. Many small rural communities are unaware of these hazards and continue to use and make crystal meth and suffer the consequences of their actions. Many states have instituted prevention programs to let school children know the effects of crystal meth use, but it will take all of us continuing to spread this message to make a significant impact on this community-killing drug.


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