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Many families soon become frustrated with behavior modification and 12-step treatment approaches, and for good reason, and turn to religious programs for an answer. These program usually don't profess to doing treatment, but are structured to bring fundamental religious beliefs into the void of spiritual feelings seen in all addicts. To develop the moral/ethics and spiritual support in anyone suffering from addiction is an important component of any program, but in itself, it has proven to be insufficient in graduating a higher than 5-10% success.

In our analysis of Christian-based rehab centers, we have found that the most of the programs are proud to admit that their goal is to help the addict find that Christian experience known by different names, but is the moment when an individual feels that he has had a personal connection with Christ. For this connection to have lasting significance, it usually takes some supportive therapy to go along with the obvious spiritual emphasis. Some programs have put importance in psychological counseling and even psychiatric diagnoses and psychiatric drugs, both of which have shown to have only negative outcomes in relation to treatment alcohol and drug addiction.

The most effective Christian-based treatment programs have a strong work exchange and a confessional component that helps the addict to confront his past transgressions and to make amends for those actions where others have been hurt or their lives diminished.

All effective alcohol and drug rehab centers will admit that a major component of their recovery program is based on strong spiritual principals. The 12-step regime teaches about a "higher Power", meaning a personal interpretation of a personal God. Prayer, meditation and other spiritual endeavors are almost the total clinical regime of most 12-step rehab programs.

The profound difference between a 12-stip program's spiritual efforts and those of a Faith-based program would be the Christian-based emphasis on the Bible and on having a personal relationship with Christ.

The only alcohol and drug rehab programs that ignore the value of a spiritual component are those "medical" programs that are using other drugs to change the addiction, rather than recognizing that a person can function better without any chemical manipulations.

In evaluating the successes of Christian and/or Faith-based alcohol and drug rehab programs, one finds that the outcomes run at approximately the same success level as those of most 12-step programs, between 3-10% success. However, if the addicted person has had a long and successful life within a loving church community and his foundations are from this orientation, than he would naturally have a better success than someone who hasn't had this type of family beliefs.

There are many Christian-based programs that have been valued members of the treatment provider community for many years. Teen Challenge, has grown with the rest of the field in assuming a valuable position in many communities. Teen Challenge works on a fee-for-service basis, but like many other non-profits, also sustains itself with donations so that scholarships can be provided for some who are without resources. Teen Challenge generously accepts many of the prospects that are looking for a biophysical program, but cannon qualify for that level of care.

The level of ethics in the Faith-based programs helps them overcome those areas in the clinical regime where they may be weakest. Ethics is a strong component of the biophysical programs as well and has proven to be the foundation that keeps alcohol and drug treatment programs in business for many years. Those that have weak professional and personal ethics are quick to find area where they are vulnerable to this unique population in ways that are usually fatal.

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DISCLAIMER: None of the information contained here should be considered medical advice. Alcohola and drug detoxification should be done under medical and/or professional supervision. At the first sign of alcohol or drug withdrawal sysmpoms or discomfort, immediately seek medical advice. Do not attempt to detox from alcohol or other drugs without proper medical supervision. If you feel that you have a medical emergency, call 911 and seek local advice.