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Most families that are noticing that one of their loved ones has an alcohol or other drug problem or addiction, are routinely coming to this awareness long after something should have been done about this problem. We all hope and pray that things will get better, and they sometimes do, but in the field of addictions, denial is a large part of the family pathology that perpetuates addiction. We can make this generalization because families are systems that love each other and part of that love is to expect the same behaviors that have been part of the family system for years. When a family member becomes addicted, most people in the family know that there is a problem, but they minimize the extent of the problem until the addiction escalates into a legal or emotionally traumatic problem. Until this time, there are minor effort to curb the problem, but addiction is very resistant to these types of innuendo.

This is somewhat of a generalization, but in the 35 years that I have been in this field, it plays out more often than not that families cannot confront one of their loved ones having an addiction problem and when they try to confront or intervene, it is usually ineffective and they feel a loss and resort to prayer and hope rather than confrontation and action. Some of the reason rests in the stigma that society puts on this problem so family have a hard time thinking with the idea that their "little Johnny" could actually be stealing and meeting drug dealers on the streets where he knows he shouldn't even be hanging out. In most cases, our children do comply with the norms of the family, but add alcohol or other drugs into this equation, and nothing operates as usual.

Of course another reason that this problem goes on for too long without being addressed is because many of the behaviors that come from the drugs that people get addicted to, do not cause strange or uncomfortable behaviors. A person can be addicted to opiates and the family may not have any idea that he has a problem for many years. I have worked with "impaired physicians" (doctors that are usually taking opiates I/V) who have kept their opiate addiction a secret for twenty years and then it gets so severe that they fall asleep during surgery or something really bizarre and someone turns them into the hospital administrator or to a board of directors and the secret comes to light.

If you have discovered that someone close to you has a drug or alcohol addiction and when you have talked to them about your concerns, they usually respond by telling you that you are blowing some incident out of perspective. If they are caught, they will minimize the incident and deny addictive use. Yet, you know that something doesn't feel right and you want to find out the whole truth...well you probably will never know the whole truth about how severe is the addiction. Even in treatment centers, we have a difficult time getting an addict or alcoholic to admit how much they are using and how far their addiction has taken them.

But if you have talked amongst each other, as a family, and you know that the problem isn't going to go away by addressing it in a logical manner, then it is time to decide if your family should do the intervention. You now need to decide if you want to do the intervention without the assistance of a professional, or if you want to contract someone who is an experienced professional interventionist.

As a seasoned and licensed professional in this field with over 35 years of experience, I have seen some "professional interventionist" that have really botched up the job that they were paid exceedingly well to save the life of the patient.

My routine advice is to try it as a family first and if it doesn't work, then find a good professional interventionist. Before I was retired, I used to do interventions, and about 80% of them were successful, but it wasn't easy and it wasn't financially profitable. However, that experience has given me the knowledge to help you find effective and reasonably priced interventionist.

Today, many interventionist charge around $3,000 plus expenses for an intervention. I personally fell that this is too much, but if it is guaranteed successful, then it may be a fair exchange.

If you need an intervention for alcohol or drug addiction, it would be best to call our Helpline, 888.781.7060 and ask to speak to Mac...that's me. I will assess your situation and give you the do's and don't's that make or break interventions and you can see if you have enough confront to do this within your family. If I don't think it is going to go well, I can refer you to interventionist that are the best in their field and they will be able to get your loved one into treatment

I could explain the basics on this page, but I have found that interventions are not "cookie cutters" that you can apply to any family or any addict or alcoholic. To really get the idea of what you need to do, we will need to spend almost an hour on the phone gathering data and helping you understand the intricacies of this process.

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If you are thinking about doing an intervention, then please call and let discuss your options.

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