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Contact Colorado Drug Rehab, 888.781.7060, before you make a decision on a drug rehab center. Talk to a Counselor that has reviewed over 150 centers, on site, and can share his experiences and help you find the best program.

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Alcohol and Drug Detox is the first step in getting your life back. Let us guide you in the proper, painless detox.

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We have specifically chosen programs have had great success in curing the meth addiction and returning you to a sane existence without replacing the crystal meth with other drugs or pharmaceuticals.

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Colorado Drug Rehab Legal Support Services

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Valuable Alcohol and Drug Legal Services for Individuals, Families and Attorneys....

Over the past 30 years, Colorado Drug Rehab Professionals have worked with clients that have been arrested for drug-related crimes as well as DUI's to help them find find meaningful and rewarding treatment vs. jail-time. Anyone that is facing a drug-related conviction should call and speak to our Legal Support Staff for a free assessment of how Colorado Drug Rehab can help you with sensible legal solutions.

Families or Individuals call us at 888.781.7060 to get advice on your case.

Last year we had a 20 year old man that was facing 16 years of prison time for the burglary of a pharmacy, but through our efforts with his attorney and the Judge, we are happy to report that this young man had his sentence diverted to one year of treatment and five years of probation. This action has led him to being a functional and caring adult without being scared by years in prison.

Another man was faced with a sentence of two years at a state mandated behavior modification program that has a history of breaking a person's will and hasn't show success in rehabilitating character and strength. Colorado Drug Rehab Professionals helped educate the Judge on the value of other programs and the client spent 6 months in an effective treatment program in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Attorneys should call us at 888.781.7060 to discuss individual cases and how we can help.

We would love to hear from you. Give us your comments, concerns and needs. We will respond and everything is totally CONFIDENTIAL.

We will help you, no matter the situation. We have helped others find quality drug rehab, connected our public to Free Rehab Programs, and help develop Alcohol and Drug Prevention Programs. DROP US A LINE!

Please fill out this short information form so that we can assist you to find a good rehabilitation facility with a high success rate. We are knowledeable in drug rehab methods and we will help you with your situation.


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