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About 70% of our calls from people looking to do another alcohol and drug treatment program after having attended short-term drug rehabs, usually meaning 14 to 28 days long, who have failed and they and their loved ones believe that if they would have attended a long-term drug rehab program, it would have had a greater chance of success.

This is the logic that is pushed on Americans in marketing... if one is good, then ten is great! However, over the years I have seen more unhandled alcoholics and drug addicts become more apathic about their lives, their loved ones and the possibilities of successful alcohol and drug treatment after they have relapsed following a Long term rehab program. Some Long-term treatment programs last up to two years. That is a large investment in one's life and it is only natural that they feel defeated when they find that their addiction is as lethal as it was when they entered treatment.

This idea that long-term alcohol and drug treatment will make up for the mistakes that obviously happened with the ineffective previous treatment is also being promoted by the rehab programs that are repackaging drug treatment to meet the marketing targets and not investing on actions that will improve clinical outcomes.

Most of the reader have hear the commercial about the program that is no longer calling itself a treatment program, but is now a curative program. That is smart marketing, but I am not convinced that their outcomes support their new "curative" definition. Since they are a short-term treatment center, I have good reason to be dubious.

Don't be misled by marketing and don't be disappointed if you were thinking of going someone in Colorado for a longterm drug rehab and are now feeling as though it may be a futile idea.

By definition, Long-term treatment has always meant 90 days of more. Short-term rehab has been typically 21 to 30 days in length.

There aren't any effective alcohol and drug treatment centers that can have a high percentage of success without being structured as a long-term rehab program.

But it must be remembered that success depends on how a drug rehab is designed to address all of the elements that cause and perpetuate addiction: Physical Cravings, Emotional liability, Unresolved past ethics situations, adopting a workable moral code and believing it and living by it, and Life skills.

It takes about six weeks to thoroughly handle the physical addiction, so that is itself will tell you that short term treatment isn't usually successful. It has about a 2 to 8% success rate. There are individuals that have the wherewithal to recognize that addiction is something that is going to take them down and with a few weeks away from the drugs to re-orient oneself back to drug-free living, they do okay with short term rehab. That is a very small percentage and something that you wouldn't want to trust to handle a life and death addiction.

So it should be obvious that if a rehab center is promising you the moon and the starts and all within 28 days, you really need to call Colorado Drug Rehab and hear their contradictory experience.

There are a couple of Therapeutic Community, TC programs in Colorado and they are longterm, in that they are lasting almost two years, and their outcome rates are better than any short term rehabs, but not nearly as good as some other treatment centers that are in Colorado and last about six months and have five times better outcomes. Do your homework and keep an open mind and you will be thankful that your hard work and critical thinking saved a life.