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Medical Model Treatment

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When one talks about alcohol and drug treatment in a medical orientation, they are either taking about a traditional 12-step treatment program within a hospital setting or they are referring to replacement therapies, like methadone or buprenorphine.

There are psychiatric-based programs that attempt to treat addiction, but have notoriously not been very effective in building on the strengths of the addicts and alcoholics, but, instead, have found other diagnosis within the mental health field to describe the behaviors of these clients.

Because of the toxic nature of the physiology of anyone addicted to drugs, it is very easy to confuse their mental process with those clients that have "chemical imbalances" other than those that have been caused by alcohol and drug abuse.

In the past year, prescription painkillers, like Vicodin, OxyContin, Percocet have become America’s second most prevalent illegal drug problem after marijuana.  When you include other prescription drugs, such as tranquilizers, stimulants and sedatives, the problem becomes even larger and is the “number one” drug abuse and addiction problem in America today. 

From this information, it is no wonder that the medical community hasn't been overly successful in creating a treatment modality that is effective in treating addiction. However, physicians that work within other models of alcohol and other drug treatment are vital members of the therapeutic team that solve the addiction problems in our clients.

In the late 60s and early 70s, methadone was being promoted to help handle the opiate addiction, mainly heroin and opium from Viet Nam. Methadone was discovered in 1937 by Nazi scientists that were looking for a synthetic morphine to help with the pain from the WW II battle field. Methadone has a longer half-life than morphine and an equal amount of painkilling properties, so when the Germany surrendered, their medical discoveries were shared with the Allies and methadone was then manufactured by Elli Lilly and never gather too much of a market in the US.

With the rise in addiction following the return of Viet Nam vets, Elli Lilly, Inc. took advantage of an opportunity to market methadone as a replacement narcotic for persons seeking opiate withdrawal help. It was later approved as a drug that could be used as a maintenance for persons that have had chronic relapses with heroin or other opiates.

One should never think that substituting this drug or buprenorphine, another replacement drug, has any benefit outside of easing the withdrawal symptoms that come from the abstinence from opiates. It does help with the fear within the client, but any seasoned professional will tell you that opiate addicts recover much more rapidly and soundly when they do a drug-free withdrawal; supported only by vitamins and minerals.

Unfortunately, because the sales of drugs and the idea that man needs other chemicals to be "normal", it is difficult to convince an addicted opiate user that vitamins and minerals will bring him the good feelings he has been seeking.

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DISCLAIMER: None of the information contained here should be considered medical advice. Alcohola nd d;rug detoxification should be done under medical and/or professional supervision. At the first sign of alcohol or drug withdrawal sysmpoms or discomfort, immediately seek medical advice. Do not attempt to detox from alcohol or other drugs without proper medical supervision. If you feel that you have a medical emergency, call 911 and seek local advice.