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Alcohol and Drug Detox is the first step in getting your life back. Let us guide you in the proper, painless detox.

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We have specifically chosen programs have had great success in curing the meth addiction and returning you to a sane existence without replacing the crystal meth with other drugs or pharmaceuticals.

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Communities the size of Sterling rely on the integrity of their citizens to provide many of the alcohol and drug prevention activities that might be provided by agencies in larger communities. Churches are instrumental in helping keep the moral codes of the community in tact. Unfortunately, there are usually few resources available for alcohol and/or drug rehab or treatment, so it is usually necessary to go to another location if alcohol or drug treatment is needed. As mentioned elsewhere, there are few communities in the US that are immune to the influences of alcohol abuse and drug addiction especially because of the use of rural communities to establish meth labs.

Colorado Drug Rehab is familiar with the alcohol and drug problems in communities of this size and will be happy to assit anyone needing information or referral to drug rehab or residential drug treatment facilities. Unfortunately, Colorado Drug Rehab is unable to keep accurate referrals for out-patient drug treatment, but we will be happy to assist Sterling citizens with the expertise to help them make positive chosices when it comes to finding an effective out-patient drug rehab programs.

Many times people in communities the size of Sterling will be very cautious about talking to anyone about their addiction problems in fear that they may expose their situation to others in the community. No one should be concerned about contacting the Colorado Drug Rehab group since the counselors are all licensed and/or certified and they understand the sensitivity of this situation and they are bound by law to respect the confidentiality of everyone that calls for help.

Colorado Drug Rehab has found that it is very difficult to find communities in Colorado that are not impacted by drug use and abuse and, in most of these rural communities, like Sterling, there are many who are using the lack of population density to hide from law enforcement and meth labs have caused multiple problems in Sterling as well as similar Colorado communities in the Eastern Plains of Colorado. Law enforcement agencies in the Eastern Plains have formed the Eastern Colorado Plains Drug Task Force Meth Lab Team to combat this meth lab problem. Stealing has two police officers that are trained and certified to dismantle clandestine methamphetamine labs, which reduces the cost of an arrest of these facilities. In 2006 The Stearling Police arrested a total of 75 individuals for drug related offenses. Two individuals were arrested for the manufacture of meth and the remainder were possession charges and one Abuse of Toxic Vapors. Sterling has a population of 13,900 and is located in the Northeastern corner of Colorado. It is the largest population center east of Pueblo, Colorado.

There are approximately 31,000 drug rehab and addiction treatment center admissions in Colorado each year, however, due to the high relapse rate of many traditional programs most families in Sterling are searching for something that works. This is where Colorado Drug Rehab can help.

The Solution

Drug rehab that addresses the individual through a biophysical approach is the most successful method. While the right program may not be in Sterling, our philosophy is to refer you to the best possible drug rehab center that can help handle the problem for good. We will refer you to drug rehab centers that don't use drugs in any way, as a longer-term drug-free program will typically have the best overall results.

Attending Alcoholics Annoymous, or Alanon, or their counterparts, Narcotics Annoymous (NA) or Naronon is one way to keep the inspiration needed to help you to continue reaching for your goals. You can find NA meetings in Sterling, Colorado at these choices or CLICK HERE to find more.

Name of Meeting
Christ United Methodist Church

104 South 4th Street
Room 102
Sterling, CO 80751-4232

Monday 7:30 PM
Christ United Methodist Church

104 South 4th Street
Room 102
Sterling, CO 80751-4232

Wednesday 7:30 PM
Christ United Methodist Church

104 South 4th Street
Room 102
Sterling, CO 80751-4232

Friday 7:00 PM

Please check elsewhere for AA, CA, CMA or other support group meetings or let us know that you need that data and we will help you.

Colorado Drug Situation*

Cocaine is considered a significant drug threat to Colorado. Powder cocaine is readily available throughout the State and crack cocaine is available in urban population areas. Cocaine is the drug most often associated with violent crime in the State. Cocaine is generally sold in ounce and pound quantities in Colorado. Crack use is declining but remains available in the larger metropolitan areas of Colorado.

Club drugs, which are mostly synthetic substances, are increasing in availability and use in Colorado. LSD in liquid form is readily available in the metropolitan areas of Colorado. During 2001, 34% of those surveyed in Colorado reported lifetime usage of MDMA. 4.5% of those surveyed reported usage of MDMA within the past 30 days. The average user age was 17.3, and the average age of first time use was 15.9 years.

Heroin - The most common types of heroin available in Colorado are Mexican black tar heroin and brown powdered heroin. New heroin users in Colorado are often young adults who smoke or snort the drug rather than inject it. This is due to a misconception that this practice is safer and less likely to lead to addiction.

Marijuana is readily available in multi-pound quantities throughout Colorado . A highly potent form of marijuana, called "BC Bud," is also easily obtainable.

Methamphetamine is a primary drug threat to Colorado. Crystal methamphetamine, also known as glass in Colorado, is becoming increasingly available throughout the State and has tested as high as 90% pure. Purity levels for methamphetamine vary in Colorado.

Prescription Drugs - The diversion and abuse of OxyContin (oxycodone) is a significant problem in Colorado. Hydrocodone (Vicodin) and Darvocet are the most commonly abused controlled substances.

What is K2? K2. Spice. Colorado Chronic. Black Mamba. Fake Weed. Genie. Voodoo. Zohai. FIYA. Blaze. RedXDawn. A dose by any of these names is, well .... no one's quite sure, actually. This stuff isn't regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and there's no standards applied to its production. Anything could be in there.

Think before you use: On March 4, Newsweek ran an article called "Fake-Pot Panic" that mocked "breathless news reports" across the nation about a newish, little-understood, and mostly legal drug that's often known by the brand name K2.

"Maybe you even caught a Missouri detective's panicked prediction that K2 is 'going to end up killing somebody,'" the article chided. "As far as we know, though, it hasn't. Why is it suddenly getting all this attention?"

Three months later, David Rozga, an Iowa 18-year-old, smoked K2, became delusional and anxious, and shot himself to death. Colorado Springs Independent, Thu, 22 Jul 2010

* Colorado Drug Rehab has more comprehensive information about the drugs listed above on the pages of this website that are dedicated to the specific drugs.